A/C & Heating

Professional Auto Air-Conditioning Services

Stay Comfortable for Every Drive

Whether your morning commutes are 10 minutes or 2 hours, there's no reason why you should suffer the sweltering summer heat during the whole drive. Whether the air flow has stopped completely or it's just not cooling like it used to, bring your car in to our experts and we'll have it back in shape in no time.
Modern cars' air conditioning systems are complex, but Arizona Auto Care
has the equipment and the trained technicians required to handle the job.

Don't Suffer Another Hot Day

There's no reason to wait and suffer. Our ASE-certified technicians are fast and efficient; you can be back on the road, nice and cool, faster than you can imagine. We're competitive with our speed and pricing and we want to make sure we do the right job every time. Visit us today!

Thorough A/C System Inspections

  • Visual inspection of the complete air-conditioning system
  • Remaining Freon is emptied and saved for filtering.
  • System is vacuum-tested.
  • UV dye is used for leak detection.
When you ask for estimates on our services, we'll provide you within 24 hours at most!
AC Service

Complete A/C Recharge Services

  • System is recharged to meet the manufacturer's recommended capacity.
  • Performance system test is completed.
  • UV dye test is performed for a second time.
  • Additional Freon is added as required (additional charge).
When you call us, we'll get back to you within 24 hours! All our services are available at competitive pricing and we want to make sure you're fully educated about the costs.
FREE phone estimates are available. 
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Trust your car's air conditioning and heating system with the experts. From system inspections to full overhauls, we have the tools and the experience, your car deserves
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