Dependable Computerized Diagnostics

Ensure Your Vehicle's in Good Driving Condition

Today's vehicles are more advanced than ever, relying on a complex system of sensors and computers which control everything from your car's ignition to its fuel injection. This system not only allows your car to perform at its peak performance day in and day out but also gives our mechanics an insight into the "brains" behind your car's operation.
Whether your check engine light has come on or your car's just not performing like it used to, bring it in to Arizona Auto Care's experts for complete computerized diagnostic services.

State-Of-The-Art Diagnostics

By pulling the computer readouts of your car's system of sensors, our technicians are able to get the full picture of your car's operations as well as a firsthand report of any problems which have been occurring.

Accurate Information Is Key to Repairs

After a full readout has been completed on your car's computer systems, our technicians are able to diagnose precisely what the issue is, allowing us to make repairs to your car with pinpoint precision.

When You Should Come in for Inspection

Any time when the check engine light has come on, you should bring it in for our technicians to examine. Additionally, some lights may remain on longer than normal; in that case, it is always better to have us check your car out.

Using the latest in computer diagnostic technology, our trained technicians can pinpoint the precise problems in your vehicle, allowing for faster, more affordable repairs.
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