Lube Oil Filters

Superior Lube Oil Filter Services

Is Your Car Ready for Its Next Oil Change?

We recommend bringing your car in for an oil change every 5 months or after 5,000-miles to help avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your car's engine. Additionally, it may be helpful to bring your car in for an oil change before making a long driving trip. Our experts will perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle at no additional charge to you to ensure you're ready for the long drive ahead.
Whether you're rolling up to that 5,000 mile mark or planning a road trip, bring your car in to Arizona Auto Care's experts today for a fast, affordable oil change. 

Excellent Oil Change Services at Unbeatable Prices

We provide quality repairs and fixes, no matter how complicated the problem is. Our prices only reflect the cost of parts and labor. With every oil change and filter replacement, you can rest easy knowing that you have got top-notch repairs at unbeatable prices.

Complete Oil Change Services

  • Oil and filter replacements
  • Engine drive belt inspection
  • Fluid top-offs as needed
  • Air filter inspection and replacement
We work on all vehicles of all makes, models and years. Bring in your car today!
Air filter inspection and replacement

Additional Services at No Extra Charge

  • Tire pressure check and set
  • Wiper blade inspection and replacement
  • Chassis grease and part lubrication as needed
  • CV, axle, shock, and strut inspection
Get the right products for your vehicle. Our expert technicians understand your car's specific needs and will use only what's best for your car's long-term health and efficiency.
FREE phone estimates are available. 
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